Sunday, June 18, 2006

Saturday and I'm "famous"!


One of my friends here tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the morning GC newspaper (Oh yes there is a daily paper put out AND a TV newscast.) Your humble servant was quoted on the front page! I mentioned how impressed I am with the movie "Traces of the Trade". I had made some comments in the Q and A after the showing and been interviewed by ENS. I had thought it was bound for the TV newscast (my hotel doesn't carry it so I don't know if I made that) but was quoted in the paper. Very cool.

Walking update - 16,352 steps. So again about 8 miles. Very good. Although I seem to have pulled a muscle in my right hip. Aleve seems to help. I put in 16,202 on Friday.

The schedule is starting to take it's toll on the GCOYP. They were getting snappish on Friday night. So I had the Wednesday night at camp talk. If you do camp you probably know what I'm talking about. Right around mid week the kids will get nuts, then get over it and everything will be good. Yesterday we ended up with a half an hour suddenly free. The House of Deputies were in "visiting guest speech mode" and the event we were supposed to be attending ended early! So we hung out at the Food Court and watched Team USA tie Italy 1-1 at the World Cup. It was very good for the group. Plus last night we went to the Hispanic festival event, lots of dancing and music. So I think it was a great day to help get everyone's head back on straight.

And for the record I did my white boy best to dance.

Big Eucharist yesterday. Two hours long with a 30-40 minute sermon by the Rev. Jenny Te Paa from New Zealand. It was very good even with the length. Not sure the conservative brothers and sisters would be thrilled with the message of inclusivness and against "breaking up" the church. Music was very well done but "cathedral standard" to my ear. I really do miss the musical diversity of '03. Today is supposed to be a Jazz service so maybe I'll be happier.

Quiet day on the floor of Deputies. They did elect a new VP and it's another friend of mine! The Rev. Brian Prior is the Province VIII youth coordinator (and rector and former Exec. Council member. He's a big wheel) So that's really cool. Haven't seen him yet to kiss his ring or whatever one does for the veep. The youth are very excited about today because they are planning on speaking to a variety of issues.

Today they get their 15 minutes with the PB. That's always a cool moment. Last night was the special recognition night for ++Griswold. Bishops Rosskum and Curry (Hope I spelled both those names correctly!) were pretty funny playing Regis and Cathy Lee. Friends of the Groom were very funny as always. The four valedictory speeches in between? Yawn. But on the whole a pretty neat night.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

Yr man at GC

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