Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Put one in the books

Steps total for Tuesday - 17,992 (almost 9 miles)

Yesterday was mostly about getting your feet under you. Lots of adjustments to make. There's a new computerized voting system that is giving folks some fits. I must confess to making a rather unkind comment. Given the average age of deputies I suggested they should have brought along a grandchild to help them with their technology problems.

I know, I'm bad. Mea culpa.

Wandered in the exhibition hall. Several hundred vendors there, everything from church bells to Amish fudge. Don't ask me why. Biggest problem? Not walking into someone while you're trying to look in all four directions at the same time!

The Archbishop of York addressed the House. He was very funny and very on point. He brought along a message from the Archbishop of Canterbury. Most of which was pretty perfunctory. One line jumped out at me where the ABC said that the Windsor report is not the end of the line or process. Interesting.

USA Today had a big article about us and the Presbyterian (also in convention right now). As usual they made it sound as if the ONLY thing going on were issues of sexuality. Stupid.

Longest discussion was on whether to send a resolution back to committee. Took over a half an hour. Wasn't even a terribly important one, mostly about future consideration of topics.

Great line - The deputies hadn't used their electronic voting stuff for a while so the person in charge of voting told them (direct quote) Since your keypads have been resting, let's wake them up"

My "best" moment? I'm trying to use my VERY limited spanish with our spanish speaking young people. While trying to explain feta cheese at dinner I glitched and instead of saying the spanish word for "goat" I ended up with "snake". The look I got from the young lady was priceless. Generally regarded as the high moment of the day by the Youth Presence.

At least I'm good for comic relief.

Our days begin by leaving the hotel at 6:45 AM so the youth can get to committee meetings and sign up to speak. We ended last night at 11:30.

This is going to be a LOOOOONG convention.

I've included the link to the GC news website in the title.


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Mata H said...

Snake Cheese? What a hoot! hang in there JP! Our prayers are with you.