Tuesday, February 03, 2009

And what an interesting day that was

I've put off posting about this because we hadn't told the kid yet. She's up to speed now so I can share with everyone.

Most mornings my lady wife and I commute to work together. Usually I drop her off then go on to my office. One of her jobs is at an area church camp. Because it's a ways away from civilization I always make sure that she gets into the building before I take off. On Monday that was probably a good idea.

We have had several days of thaw followed by a quick freeze which has resulted a lot of ice around. Well when my lady got out of the car and headed to the door she had her feet go out from under her. When she hit the ground she also hit her head on the ice. When I got to her (in about a microsecond)she was bleeding pretty good from the back of her head. We got a compress on her head (but not actually on the wound. It was higher up than we thought)and headed to the ER. Fortunately it was a very slow morning and we got taken in very quickly.

The end result was pretty simple. No concussion. A very small cut (head wounds are always so impressive) that was closed with a couple of staples. She was allowed to go back to work and shows no signs of any significant damage.

But she scared the daylights out of me for about 15 minutes!


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