Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Update February 23

The Week That Was - A pretty boring week actually. The diet stalled for a while. Looks like week 2 of Phase 1 of South Beach will only drop another 2-3 pounds. Which is actually quite good but not what I had hoped for. The good news is that more food comes back into my diet starting tomorrow.

Man, what did I do last week? Worked. Worked out twice. Did some stuff around the house.

Went to a funeral of the grandmother of a couple of my "graduated" kids. One of the sisters did a great job of talking about her grandma, made me wish I'd gotten to know the lady.

That was it. That's so boring I'm not sure it was worth my time to write. How sad.

The To Do List - Video project, all on-going projects, just the usual mad rush.

What Am I Procrastinating About? - I've been putting off confronting someone but that ends today. I almost stopped procrastinating about the video project! Maybe this is the week.

What Am I Watching/Reading/Listening To? Still working on "Soul Graffiti", wasting time re-reading "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown. Fun but what a friend calls "popcorn reading". Crunchy but not much substance. I'm kind of in a bog reading right now.

Movies - Hancock I REALLY wanted to like this movie. And basically I do. But it's another one that can't decide what it wants to be. It's a goofy comedy to start that suddenly becomes this redemption flick half way through. I could a good movie either way but it was just weak when it tries to do both. You never do really figure out what Will Smith and Charlize Theron's characters really are (and yes this movie is very easy on the eyes for every one), it never fully fills out the story or the characters and it just falls short. Too bad because there is a GREAT concept here. Oh they do resolve one long time super hero issue. That would be the whole Superman and Lois Lane question (you either understand or you don't. If you don't go ask your daddy for an explanation). It was an enjoyable enough way to spend the evening but left me feeling let down.

Music - Nothing new

Next Up I skipped this somehow last week, don't know why. Video editing, Ash Wednesday, some camp related details to get finalized so I can print and distribute the camp brochures.

How Am I Doing I'm feeling a little frazzled. I've got a detail in my personal life that I wish would get resolved (nothing big just irritating that it drags on because someone else isn't doing their bit) and a boat load of work stuff.


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