Monday, February 02, 2009

Resource Review - 12 Days With Jesus

12 Days With Jesus By: Tony Jones 87 pages Published by SonLife

OVERALL - Thought I ought to show that I'm not completely in Zondervan/Youth Specialties pocket by reviewing something from another source. SonLife says of themselves "We are discovering a new kind of youth ministry… bringing together those who are emerging in age and thought to embrace a new way of life. Join us on this journey of living, loving and leading in the way of Jesus."

This is a 12 part devotional study of Luke Chapters 8 and 9. The author Tony Jones is a writer, theologian, youth minister and a leading thinker in the Emergent church movement. The whole Emergent thing freaks some people out but you shouldn't let it. There are positives and negatives (just as with anything else) but they really don't affect this book.

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? Jones takes you through a very simple devotional series that has very strong roots in Lectio Divina style studies. Each "day" is only 4 pages long and the pages are quite small (you can easily slide this book into your back pants pocket and it'll disappear). It seems to written as a personal devotional but would work perfectly with a youth group or Sunday school (if you meet once a week this tiny book is 3 months of material) It clearly lays out the Scripture, asks questions, points out ideas and works to get the reader to go deeper.

RESERVATIONS I always feel like I need to have something here just to show I'm objective. But honestly? I don't have any real reservations about this.

RECOMMENDATION This book was first published in 2005 and it's been sitting on my shelf because I REALLY would love to use it. Just haven't had the opportunity as yet. At $4 per book you really can't lose. Yes, I highly recommend it.

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