Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Update

It's been a weird week in so many ways.

On Tuesday I jumped into the South Beach Diet. Early results are as follows:

I've lost just over 4 pounds in as many days. That was with very little workout. Trying to find the new pattern for working out.

This is a lot of food. To quote my lady wife "I'm tired of chewing". We've also had about enough salad too. A lot of the meals are variations on salad. It's already getting a bit boring.

In fact I've found a fair amount of the recommended recipes to be dull. No need for it they just come off that way. Also the recipes are dumb. Some are for one person but others are for 6! Idiotic. Plus a fair number of them actually call for you to grill over hot coals. Umm, in February in WNY? Stupid. So I'm going to look at jazzing some of these up while keeping to the rules.

I had one day so far of carb craving. I spent all of Tuesday actually thinking about bread. All freaking day. It's gone now.

More later.

The weather has been freaky. We had 60 degree temps followed by high winds. Tree limbs and power lines down even a piece of building cornice torn off! This building is about 6 blocks from my house.

Finally there's been the plane crash near the Buffalo International Airport. That's about 90 minutes from me but it's a place that I drive in and around on a regular basis. Our thoughts and prayers have been focused on the families of the victims and the emergency folk working the wreckage site. This story notes one of the victims appears to be a local guy down our way. The name means nothing to me so I probably never met him. Still.

A weird week.

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