Monday, February 09, 2009

Resource Review - - Daily Online Devotionals By: The Episcopal Church, The Presbyterian Church, USA and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship youth ministries.

OVERALL - An online daily devotional done with young people in mind but usable by anyone. The site is simple with an optional music background.

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? This is one of several joint projects being sponsored by these three church groups. The devotionals are written by various folks from all three backgrounds which offers a nice diversity of "flavors". Each devotional can be done in just a few minutes. They can offer a moment of quiet contemplation in a busy day. One of the lessons we learn from Paul in Athens is that we need to go where the people are. Our young people spend a lot of time online. It's great that we can have a place we can send them for a quiet moment with God.

RESERVATIONS I know this is supposed to be relatively quick and simple but I think just a teensy bit more meat wouldn't hurt. Also the day I visited for this review (in late January) they still had a very Advent feel to the music (not so much the devotional itself). Plus the site apart from the devotional was a little tough to navigate. I actually ended up on a page that had no links to take you anywhere else. A silly oversight. But all little things.

RECOMMENDATION A very nice daily devotional that should be accessible to anyone. It's a great resource supported by our denomination and one that can be used immediately. Very nice.

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