Monday, February 09, 2009

Weekend Update February 9

The Week That Was - Wow, what a week! Had a very interesting meeting on a project I'm working on with our local Arts Council, I had a terrible week for exercise and diet, I was part of a diocesan Listening Day on youth ministry issues, and saw my daughter's first foray into theatrical direction. It was interesting in the extreme. To work backwards the play was wonderful! She did a great job and got a great grade (it was also her final in her Directing class and her last big fling as a Theater major. So a pretty awesome curtain call). This gave my lady wife and I a chance for a little time away too. We made it a weekend and got a motel room with a hot tub (Wink, Wink, nudge, nudge, Say no more, say no more!)

I'm waiting to hear back from the other Listening locations. Mine had a very small attendance but I think came up with some really good stuff. Hope the other locations had more folks.

The exercise and diet fiasco has been interesting. I was between gym memberships (fixed now) so I go NO workouts in and my diet was pretty awful. We're going on the South Beach Diet tomorrow and I indulged. Well I feel AWFUL!!!! Bloated and logy and my guts all a-rumble. I hit the gym this morning and I feel better already. This South Beach thing is going to be interesting. I'll give it a post of it's own later this week.

So I was on the bounce. The Arts Council thing is a project we will be doing with the Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA. It uses radio/podcast techniques to help give young people a voice and improve their communication skills. It can be fun when the kids get into it. And it's a few extra dollars in my pocket too!
The To Do List - I'm not even sure. I need to get in touch with our camp partners and get prices and contracts.

What Am I Procrastinating About? - I've been trying to nail down my chaplain for one of our summer camps. So far I'm not getting a response to letter, phone message or e-mail. And it's bummin' me out. And messing up my planning. But I'm avoiding the confrontation. Sigh. I should see him in person on Thursday.

What Am I Watching/Reading/Listening To? I really liked Orson Scott Card's "Treasure Box". This had more of a Stephen King feel to it but I really got into it. I've passed it along to my lady wife (who is a MAJOR King fan so we'll see). Good story telling, well written. Just a good read. I'm actually reading parts of the South Beach Diet book at the moment. Can't find anything else just at the moment. Gotta head off to the library.

My Tuesday book group is reading Soul Graffiti by Mark Scandrette. I just got my copy so I haven't really ready anything yet but my friend Tara from Uphill Idealist (who is a member of the group)is really excited about it. The intro is by Shane Claiborne and he's an interesting guy. I haven't read or seen a lot about him but I find all of it interesting. Yes I'm excited about a book because of who wrote the foreward. I'm weird.

Movies - None. Haven't seen a one.
Music - Sigh. None. Last week sucked in so many ways.

Next Up Well today's my birthday, then two meetings in Buffalo, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday.

How Am I Doing I'm a little up in the air. Don't know about this birthday thing, or this new diet. But basically OK


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Ian said...

You're going to love Soul Graffiti. It was one of the best books I read over the last year (and I read a lot!) Mark Scandrette is the man!