Monday, February 02, 2009

Weekend Update February 2

The Week That Was - Last week was pretty quiet, just moving forward on projects in the office. I did have a CROP Walk meeting with the local ice arena. Turns out they have priced themselves out of our reach. So we're back to square one. And my LCLC meeting was postponed by bad weather. Lovely. Saturday was a total goof off (I mean I only did a little shoveling and vacuumed the carpet. A total slacker). Then Sunday! Went to watch the Super Bowl at the rector's house. What a great game! I said all week we needed to control Larry Fitzgerald (which we barely did) and we needed someone to step up. Thank you Santonio Holmes. When the game was on the line he wanted the ball, he got open and he made the catches. I was a very happy camper.

The To Do List - I'm not even sure. I need to get in touch with our camp partners and get prices and contracts.

What Am I Procrastinating About? - I've been very good at work about NOT procrastinating. Not so good at home. Don't tell the kid but the guitar practice...not so much. Which is bad cuz we have a deal. And rumor has it she's keeping her end better than I am.

What Am I Watching/Reading/Listening To? Just finished this one David Ellis's "Jury of One". Liked it a lot. Spent most of Saturday curled up with it. Kept me guessing to the end. I'll have to look for more of his stuff. Just started Orson Scott Card's "Treasure Box". I think I've liked everything of his I've ever read so I'm looking forward to this one. This is part of his expansion as a writer into the mainstream although the main character feels a little like his classic SF character Ender to me. Not sure I can say why.

And I finished "The Shack". I know this is controversial in some quarters but I'm not sure why. Is this the best written novel I've read recently? No. The early portion especially limped for me and portions later on struck me as rather cloying. Some folks get really upset because the God presented in the book doesn't spend enough time talking about judgment and divine whup-ass. Is the book perfect theologically? No. But I would suggest that no theology is perfect. I found the story interesting, the theological discussion interesting and the writing adequate. I find arguments that saying Jesus is the "best way" to approach the divine is incorrect because he is the "only way" to be overly legalistic. I enjoyed the book. I doubt it's one I'll come back to read again but it's not bad at all.

Movies - Rocky Balboa - gotta be honest, I didn't have high hopes for this. Stallone has become a parody of both himself and his characters and the Rocky movies have gotten worse and worse. And I was pleasantly surprised. This is not a bad movie at all, in fact it may be the second best movie of the series (after only the original). The fight scenes were Rocky-esque, meaning they involved our hero taking a beating that would in real life kill him two or three times over. But I thought the characters were mostly nicely fleshed out. The exception was Mason Dixon the bad guy. In reality other than Apollo Creed all the baddies in these movies are cardboard cut outs. Stallone did a nice job with a nice script. The perfect coda to the series.

Gotta mention some music. I just got Springsteen's newest Working On a Dream. I really, really like it a lot especially the title track, My Lucky Day, Kingdom of Days. Several others are growing on me. Just classic stuff.

Next Up Buckling down on my projects at home, getting camp stuff taken care of. Oh yeah and my birthday.

How Am I Doing Not too bad all things considered, not too bad.


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