Friday, May 22, 2009

CREDO part 1

Rather than create a single loooooong post I'll break it down into a couple bits.

Two things I really want to share right off the bat. Some of the folks decided we needed to do something special for our faculty as a thank you. So they created a full musical tribute based on the Broadway musical "The Lion King". We created the "Circle of Howard" in tribute to our director. Lights, song, live music, costumes the whole shebang. It was amazing and totally surprised the staff. I did the introductory silliness then sang with the "chorus". It was fun.

Second, one night we played CREDO bingo. Just to loosen up. Well I got (with the free center square) bingo on the first four numbers drawn! Couldn't believe my eyes! Had to share that.

OK, CREDO is, at the end, about your CREDO plan. A plan based on long thought, conversation, consultation and prayer. A plan to help you live your life more fully, happier and healthier. It focuses on four specific areas - Spiritual, Health, Vocation and Financial. The process to get there takes too long to explain here, it's one of those "You gotta experience it" kind of things. I found it very interesting, very revealing and rather humbling. All good stuff.

My CREDO plan has three goals. That's about average. Some folks have more, some less. I have three. I want to share the plan, at least in general terms, to help with my accountability. If lots of people know what I'm supposed to be doing it's harder for me to get away with slacking. So with your kind permission I'll share my plan over the next couple posts.

Goal #1 - To Create a Healthier Lifestyle I went away to the retreat a person struggling with health issues. Physical, spiritual, vocational and financial. My lady wife's one hope for me was that I'd find a way to come back healthier and happier to her. So far it seems to be headed in that direction. The goal breaks down this way:

1: Spiritual - to re-connect with my life in faith and a personal piety.

2: Health - to continue what I began last year. To work on my physical and mental health and happiness. To be joyful about what I've accomplished so far (I've lost 40 pounds over 15 months and kept it off. I've been told that not many folks manage to pull that off) while continuing to towards my goals.

3: Vocational - take some time to recharge my vocational/professional batteries. In other words - a sabbatical. I'm working on the concept to present to the bishop by mid summer.

4: Financial - this is mostly about finally bringing some discipline to our financial lives.

All of these are quite do-able while still being a challenge. That's part of the idea. I've asked specific people to check in with me to keep me working towards these goals. The next two goals are in their own way even more challenging and even more exciting for me.

Episcopal CREDO


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