Monday, May 18, 2009

Resource Review - Trigger

Trigger Volume 3 By: Passenger Productions 5 videos, about 14 total minutes $24.99 Published by Zondervan

OVERALL - A DVD with discussion starters for youth groups. Includes commentary track and question pages in .pdf.

WHAT'S IT ABOUT? This is a really interesting discussion starter resource because it doesn't even pretend to offer any answers. Too many "discussion starters" clearly indicate their bias as far as the "correct answer". The videos explore "Starving"- a look at spiritual starvation in a land of physical plenty, "A History" - what does it all mean if we're not remembered by society?, "To Begin" - asks the questions about a real life in faith rather than just going through the motions and "The Leaper" which talks about taking a leap into something new and unknown. They average less than 3 minutes long and are very well done and have a good look to them. I really like the little extras like the commentary track. There the film makers talk about what they were trying for in the video, why they used certain images and more. The idea is that it will help the leader as you prepare to use the videos in your lesson or program. The disc also includes sets of 5 questions for each video as a starting point for discussion as well. So you could use this as the center of a planned out lesson or just hang onto it as an emergency program item as well. Good versatility.

RESERVATIONS The kids will actually have think as they watch the videos. Which creates some resistance for some of our youth but I think they'll get into the idea pretty quickly. And the videos are short enough that you can play them more than once in an evening.

RECOMMENDATION Videos work for some folks and not for others. You have to have a DVD player and large enough TV to be used for the group. Not everyone has that. Plus it may or may not fit your particular style. With that aside this is certainly a worthwhile consideration for any library. Plus this is part of a 4 disc series. If it's 5 videos per disc you're looking at a library of 20 right at your finger tips. Well worth considering.

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