Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh to catch up a little

Wow, it's been an amazing couple of weeks and I'm way behind. So here's the synopsis:

CREDO- wonderful. I promise I'll have more to share soon.

Came home, hit the office for a day and a half, did a meeting at D House, had lunch with the bishop, tried to bring some order to the office (epic fail), went to the funeral of a great gentleman from our church, then headed off for a long weekend to tour the wine country along the Niagara Escarpment. The Niagara Wine Trail was a lot of fun. The wines varied widely from very sweet fruit wines to one winery that only does Pinot Noir (and is very clear in their belief that this is the only varietal vine that grows properly in the area). We found lots that we liked and virtually all of it is made from local grapes. All but one of the wineries did really great jobs of presenting their product and chatting with us. Several of the showrooms were spectacular, most were very nice. We decided to try a lot of wine and ended up coming home with 19 bottles (from 11 wineries). The real find however may have been the Lockport Inn and Suites. Really, really nice quality rooms (flat screen TV, nice furniture, outstanding cleanliness)for less than $80 a night. And basically right in the middle of the wineries. We had a great time.

So now back to work. Lots to do and I'm plugging away at it.

Meanwhile the kid is off on her grand tour. She flew (rather circuitously) to Shreveport Louisiana to visit with family on my mom's side for a week. Then had to take another rather roundabout trip to get out to Burbank California to visit with middle brother and her two cousins. She'll spend a week there then fly on to Pittsburgh to hang with her cousin on her Mom's side of the family. So we'll see her after about a three week absence. Cell phones, twitter and Facebook make it easier to stay in touch with her. So far she's done very well. She'll hit no less than 11 different airports by the time she gets home. (The Burbank to Pittsburgh leg goes Burbank-Phoenix-Boston-Pittsburgh. Don't ask, I have no idea)

I'm looking forward to Memorial Day weekend.


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