Thursday, May 28, 2009

CREDO part 3

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My third goal in the CREDO plan came out a little differently. The first two arose from areas where I needed to improve. As I sat looking at the plan I had the feeling there was a third goal but I couldn't see what it was. So I stepped back and started looking for big patterns again in the information. And there it was. The third goal has to do with one of my strengths, in fact it may be my greatest strength and gift. There was a consistent string of comments and data talking about my gifts as a communicator. My bishop later said it's not so much a gift as it is my identity - I am a communicator.

What was nagging at me was that I didn't feel like I was getting the most out of that area in my life. So my third goal looks like this:

To Develop and Expand projects based on my Communication Gifts

Spiritual - to expand the reach of our ministry. My hope is that I can get some of this up and running ASAP (although a technology glitch has put a crimp in that at the moment).

Health - Improve my overall satisfaction by more fully expressing my gifts. This allows me to focus on projects that feed me rather than deplete me.

Vocational - Expand my teaching and communicating possibilities. Helps to create a better link to our youth, their parents, and our congregations.

Financial - Strengthen programs to help be better stewards of our funds. We can do a better job of showing the benefits of our programs to our supporters.

I have to admit that this goal that really challenges me because it means I have to find out if I'm really as good as some people (including me most days) think I am. Some of it will be a learning curve as I expand into new areas. That means something won't be perfect right out of the box (as compared to all the OTHER perfect things I do!). I need to deal with that upfront and not let it stop me from trying.

One final note and then my CREDO report will be finished.


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