Thursday, May 28, 2009

A little excitement for today

Our parish is right down town in the city on Main Street so we are often right on the scene for traffic accidents. Well today we were suddenly greeted by what sounded like an especially big accident. When we looked out our window we discovered how right we were:

She hit our church!

She's fine I hasten to add. We have no idea how she did this. She had to come up over the curb then up two steps to wedge the car between a wrought iron rail and a 100 year old stone wall. The railing is bent about 6 inches out of true, the wall shrugged the whole thing off. The car has the visible body damage plus it's torn away at least one rear sway bar. Her explanation makes no sense whatsoever and I've heard it at least three times.

Ironically she was headed to the garage just around the corner to get her tail light fixed.



StarlitDestiny said...

Bizarre... how does something like that even happen?!

Ian Eastman said...

The coffee bar at St. Luke's has a drive through?

Reverend Ref + said...

I will never cease to be amazed at how people run into very large, stationary objects. When I was in Chicago-land, it seemed like an almost weekly occurrence of people driving into buildings.


That said . . . I'm driving to a far away Montana town today and, karma being what it is, I'll probably drive into the Quicki-Mart.